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Edition #22: April/May 2006

Dear Friends,

May in Kalgoorlie = perfect weather! I could easily get used to this regular 23 degree maximum, without coulds or flies. And to top it all off, we are now seeing record gold prices (it was AUD$930 per ounce yesterday.) Such high prices make me want to toss in the camera and by a metal detector. Nah, photography is too much fun .... :)

"But is it Art?"
(If you can't see a picture here, please enable your email program to allow photos.)

Our new email format newsletter 
As you can see, I've changed the format of our newsletter: it's quite obviously an email newsletter!

So what’s changed in the electronic version? Well, for a start, I’m not going to send the whole newsletter as a large block of text. Instead, I’ll send summaries of each article and a link to the full article on my web site. That means you can quickly skip the parts you aren’t interested in and read more of the articles you like.

It also means there will be many more illustrative photos in my writing. To be honest, I restricted the number of photos in past editions because they were expensive to reproduce when we printed our newsletter. That’s not an issue with an electronic newsletter, so if you like my photos, you’re going to love the new format!

As I get better at using the internet to get my message across, many of the articles will be more interactive and therefore more educational. In fact, in this first newsletter, you will find an instructional video to demonstrate a technique used for resizing a photograph for emailing.

And of course, because they are now electronic, my web site will be searchable for articles.

What has not changed? My some-what offbeat humour won’t be changing, so my style of writing will remain. The number of articles won’t change (although some of them may now be longer and more in-depth). I’d like to say I’ll be more organised about getting them out on time, but I know myself too well – that’s not going to change ….

Two Photos of the Month

Due to my tardiness and some internet problems, we've actually got two photos to present in this edition of the newsletter. April's Photo is called "Fimiston Fire" and May's is "Last Man Standing". Click on each photo to find out more.

"Fimiston Fire"

"Last Man Standing"

Lake Ballard - Revisited

I enjoy returning to the scene of my “crimes” – doing so gives me the chance to improve upon my previous shots or to otherwise re-interpret the scenes. In early February, I returned to Lake Ballard, knowing there had been a recent rainfall there.

Click here or on the photo to read the full story of my not-so-triumphant return to Lake Ballard.

Limited Edition Print - "Inside Inside Australia"

Just a quick update on the Limited Edition shot of Lake Ballard (Inside Inside Australia). Now there are only three prints remaining, so if you like this shot, act on it as soon as you can. Missing out hurts ….. (Click here to find out the latest)

The Takeaway Layby
No, it's not a method of paying off your KFC Family Bucket! We have had a few questions about the Takeaway Layby, so I thought I might just summarise how it works once again. Please click here to find out how we make your purchase of one of my prints that little bit easier.

Photo Tip: Emailing Photos
With the Easter break just finished, many of you will have traversed the countryside taking photos on your holidays (that is, if you could afford the fuel costs to do so!) With digital cameras being so popular and email now the preferred way to show your shots, now would be a good time to explain how to send your photos without causing your friends’ email accounts to overflow.

Click here or on the photo of Station Creek to view a technical page (including a video presentation) of how I resize and sharpen images for emailing to my friends. The same techniques can be applied for all your digital photographs.

Photography Workshop
I'm holding a workshop for budding photographers on 27th May. It runs for 3 hours from 2.00pm and will include practical experience with your own camera. Click here for more details or send me an email to sign up. You may pay on the day.


Station Ck, Leonora, WA

Thanks for reading my newsletter. I hope you found it interesting and feel free to forward it on to people you know. I'll be sending out more information soon, including photo tips and special offers. Keep an eye on your inbox.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers reading this.

Graeme Hird

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